Current top-class male and female Kpop groups selected by K-netizens: Should this SM boy group be included?

Korean netizens have listed out the most outstanding male and female Kpop idol groups currently.

The Hallyu wave is proving its global impact day by day, in which Kpop is an indispensable factor. K-pop groups have made a massive contribution to increasing the popularity of Hallyu and bringing Korean culture closer to the audience around the world. Over the years, in each period, there are different outstanding groups. Recently, Korean netizens have selected the current representative boy and girl groups.

Boy groups


BTS is undoubtedly the first name that pops up in the minds of Kpop fans when it comes to the biggest Kpop group today. BTS is a globally famous artist with great achievements both domestically and internationally. BTS deserve to be the top-tier representative of current Kpop groups.

Top-class male and female Kpop groups
BTS deserves to be the top representative of current Kpop groups

Recently, BTS has continued to write history by winning the most important category at the American Music Awards 2021 – Artist of The Year. BTS surpassed a series of top names such as Ariana Grande, Drake, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, The Weeknd, and became the first Asian artist to earn the Artist of The Year title at the AMAs. 

Top-class male and female Kpop groups
BTS is the first Asian artist to receive the Artist of the Year award at AMAs 2021


SEVENTEEN is one of the most popular boy groups at the moment. With a lineup packed with visuals and talent, SEVENTEEN has proved their diverse charm through each comeback with quality music and top-notch performances. 

Top-class male and female Kpop groups
SEVENTEEN is one of the top boy groups right now

Recently, in the comeback with the 9th mini-album “Attacca” and the title song “Rock With You”, SEVENTEEN has earned remarkable achievements in both digital and physical sales. The 13-member group debuted at No.13 on Billboard 200 with this mini-album. The track “Rock With You” ranks the second highest on Melon Daily Chart 2021, only lower than BTS. SEVENTEEN also does well on other digital charts. 

SEVENTEEN – Rock with you


SM’s boy group is also the pick of Korean netizens to be in the list of current best boy groups. With versatile, unique music and performance styles, NCT has continued to showcase their impact through each comeback of different subunits. 

Top-class male and female Kpop groups
NCT is considered one of the representatives of Kpop today 

2021 is a year marking various outstanding achievements of NCT when the two subunits NCT Dream and NCT 127, both record impressive results in terms of physical album sales. With the full album “STICKER” released on September 17, NCT hit more than 2 million pre-order copies, breaking the previous record of NCT Dream with 1.7 million pre-order copies with “Hot Sauce”.

Top-class male and female Kpop groups
NCT has gained many great achievements in 2021

Girl groups


BTS is “the King” so BLACKPINK is surely “the Queen”. The YG girls are one of the most successful K-pop girl groups with global popularity.

Top-class male and female Kpop groups

Although not releasing a new album, BLACKPINK’s MVs are still actively collecting new records for themselves.  Recently, the MVs “Lovesick Girls” and “Playing With Fire” hit 500 million and 700 million views on YouTube, respectively.  The girls are the girl group that owns the most MVs surpassing 500 million views in Kpop.  Not only setting group records, the solo achievements of each member are also outstanding.


 Although only one year old, but aespa is a typical representative of current Kpop groups with a series of “remarkable” achievements.  Through each comeback, aespa proves that it is the best “dinosaur rookie” of the current 4th generation

Top-class male and female Kpop groups

With the first mini-album named Savage released on October 5, the 4 SM girls are the first Gen 4 groups to achieve the Realtime All-kill digital achievement.  They also beat BTS and Red Velvet to become the group with the highest debut ranking on MelOn after the reshuffle.  Aespa’s Savage is also the best-selling debut album by a girl group on the first day with 147,195 copies.


Since their debut, TWICE has always been a popular group with Kpop fans.  The girls have won many awards in music awards ceremonies and many other album, digital achievements.

Top-class male and female Kpop groups

TWICE just had a comeback with the song “SCIENTIST” on November 12. Despite the fact that this comeback sparked a lot of controversy as it does not get good digital achievements on Korean charts, however, the girls were able to achieve impressive results in the US market. Accordingly, TWICE’s album Formula Of Love: O+T = 3 was ranked third on Billboard’s prestigious album chart.

Netizens agree that BTS and BLACKPINK are deserving of being named the top two Kpop groups today. The remaining names, on the other hand, sparked a lot of debate. Netizens, in particular, believe that NCT’s inclusion on this list is unconvincing:

  • Seriously, only BTS and BLACKPINK deserve to be at the top.
  • Why can’t I feel SEVENTEEN’s popularity?
  • BLACKPINK and aespa are the representatives of female idol groups for sure!  But TWICE can’t be here, their latest comeback is such a flop.
  • Should remove TWICE and NCT name from this list.  Their Digital Music achievements are so bad!
  • NCT can’t be here!
  • BTS is the best boy band.  TWICE, Red Velvet, and BLACKPINK are the representatives of top girl groups.  It’s hilarious to put NCT on that list.


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