aespa’s ‘Savage’ achieved the first Perfect All-Kill on Korean Music Charts

With their newest comeback song “Savage,” aespa has now earned their first-ever perfect all-kill on Korean music charts!

On the 5th of this month, SM’s rookie group aespa released their first mini-album ‘Savage‘ and the title track of the same name. Although aespa just debuted last year, they quickly win the heart of the public and gain impressive achievements with their comeback song.

iChart confirmed on October 15 at 1:30 p.m. KST that aespa’s “Savage” has officially achieved a perfect all-kill on Korean music charts. Accordingly, ‘Savage’ ranked first on the daily and real-time charts of Genie and Bugs, the real-time chart of FLO, VIBE’s daily chart, and iChart’s real-time and weekly charts. Thereby, this song becomes aespa’s first-ever song since their debut to attain a perfect all-kill in Korea.


This accomplishment made aespa the latest artist this year to earn a perfect all-kill, joining IU, Brave Girls, BTS, MSG Wannabe, Canadian singer Justin Bieber, and The Kid LAROI. Thus, it took aespa only 10 months since their debut to score a Perfect All Kill, marking them the fourth-fastest girl group to obtain this achievement in history.

aespa has placed well on various Korean music charts with each song since their debut in November of last year. The female group also occasionally tops several domestic charts, but they have yet to achieve the No. 1 place on all charts at the same time, until today.

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