BLACKPINK’s back-to-back Youtube achievements: “Lovesick Girls” MV 500M views, “Playing with Fire” MV 700M views

The way BLACKPINK’s Youtube videos are getting billions of views is drawing keen attention.

The rising trend of their latest songs’ views has become steeper while their old songs are still so popular, proving that the 4 girls are receiving steady love from global fans. According to YG Entertainment’s report on October 30th, the music video of BLACKPINK’s first full album title song “Lovesick Girls” surpassed 500 million views on Youtube at 11:49 P.M the previous day. After being released for 1 year and 1 month, “Lovesick Girls” MV has become BLACKPINK’s 11th 500 million-view video.


Lovesick Girls” is a song with a lyrical melody on the country-style guitar sound and BLACKPINK’s powerful vocals. Jisoo and Jennie also participated in writing the lyrics and composing this song. Unlike their previous music products that have made BLACKPINK be known for their intense performance-oriented composition, “Lovesick Girls” stands out by showing BLACKPINK members’ mature sides through their inner acting.

The music video of “Playing With Fire”, one of BLACKPINK’s second digital single [SQUARE TWO], also hit 700 million views on Youtube at 0:55 A.M on the same day. Since this song is full of BLACKPINK’s signature ‘girl crush’ charm, it is still well-received even after 5 years of its release.


Therefore, BLACKPINK has earned a total of 9 videos that exceeded 700 million views, including “Playing With Fire”, “DDU_DU DDU-DU, “Kill This Love”,“BOOMBAYA”, “As If It’s Your Last”, “How You Like That” music video and performance video, “Whistle” and Jennie’s solo song “SOLO”. This is currently the highest record among KPOP artists.

With the cumulative view count exceeding 20.7 billion and the number of subscribers on their official Youtube channel surpassing 68.8 million, BLACKPINK has become the No.1 artist in this field among male and female artists around the world. Moreover, BLACKPINK’s official Instagram accounts and their personal pages have gained a total of 250 million followers.

With this powerful ripple effect, BLACKPINK has been chosen to take the lead in various social activities, such as being the ambassador of UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), participating in public campaigns. On November 1st and 2nd, BLACKPINK will deliver their message to raise awareness about climate change issues and encourage people to protect the environment at COP26 (the 26th UN Climate Change Conference)


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