The amazing treatment Apple gave to Lee Min-ho the day before filming bed scenes in “Pachinko”

Lee Min-ho said that he was surprised at the amount Apple invested (more than 100 billion won) when filming “Pachinko”.

In particular, he was surprised by the size of the set. In Canada, there was a set that reproduced the Korean fish market during the Japanese colonial era. Watching several 1.5-ton trucks loaded with fresh seafood in the morning, he realized the details and scale of this work.

Pachinko 21042022

Lee Min-ho confessed that the moment that impressed him the most was not the scale, but the detailed work method for the cast’s acting. The day before kiss scenes or bed scenes were filmed, a psychologist came and interviewed actors in person to give them advice on their current emotional and psychological conditions. Such a detailed approach is said to have been of great help to their acting.

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