Ma Dong Seok’s upcoming R-rated film “The Outlaws 3” finally dropped first trailer video

The official trailer for the movie “The Outlaws 3”, scheduled to premiere next month, has been released.

On April 17th, ABO Entertainment uploaded the trailer for “The Outlaws 3” (also known as “The Roundup: No Way Out”) on its official Youtube channel.

The Roundup No Way Out

The trailer beings with the scene where Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) hits the face of a gangster who is causing trouble in the neighborhood.

In the next scenes, he says “Nice to see you, gangsters” and then overpowers dozens of men all by himself.

The Roundup No Way Out

At the end of the video, Ma Seok Do is also seen engaging in fights against the main villains of this movie, including Japanese yakuzas Joo Sung Cheol (Lee Joon Hyuk) and Riki (Munetaka Aoki). He throws punches in the face of the bad guys, drawing viewers’ attention.

Ma Dong Seok is expected to present impressive action scenes in this movie, following “The Outlaws 1” and “The Outlaws 2 (The Roundup)”.

According to the Korea Media Rating Board on April 14th, “The Outlaws 3” was marked unsuitable for teenagers (R-rated), which is the same as “The Outlaws 1” but different from “The Roundup”, which was rated 15+.

Heralding more intense action scenes, “The Outlaws 3” will be released in theaters this May.

Source: Insight

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