After Being Criticized For Lacking Acting In “Pandora,” Lee Ji-ah Will Make A Comeback With A Romantic Comedy

As actress Lee Ji-ah decided to get out of the arms of writer Kim Soon-ok, attention is focusing on her return. It is the first time in about five years that she appears in a drama without Korean cheesy dramas’ cliché, which were visible in her latest shows such as SBS’ “Penthouse” series and tvN’s “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise.”

Lee Ji-ah will play the heroine of JTBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama “Queen of Divorce.” The drama is about Kim Sa-ra Korea’s best divorce settleer, and lawyer Dong-jun (played by Kang Ki-young).

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In the drama, Lee Ji-ah plays the role of Kim Sa-ra, the team leader of a divorce settlement company. She was the daughter-in-law of the top law firm in the past, but she loses everything overnight. Now, she offers a refreshing solution for those who get divorced after being stabbed in the back by her husband.

Fans are looking forward to seeing how the actress expresses Sa-ra’s cheerful and easy-going character. “ENFP,” Lee said of Kim Sa-ra. “She is bright and outgoing, she has wild ideas, she sympathizes with others’ emotions, and she can hurt them aswell. Rather than planning, she is good at being adaptable and has many lacking points.”

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Lee Ji-ah has appeared in dramas created by Kim Soon-ok ever since her roles in tvN’s “My Mister” and KBS2’s “The Ghost Detective.” From “Penthouse 1” (2010) to “Penthouse 3” (2021) and “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” (2023), all were written by Kim Soon-ok. “Penthouse” has recorded the highest viewer rating of nearly 30%. Its unpredictable story aroused viewers’ interest.

However, “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” failed to keep up with even half of the achievements of “Penthouse.” On top of that, Lee Ji-ah’s acting ability was also criticized by viewers, who said she looked awkward with little change in her face expressions.

lee ji ah

This time Lee Ji-ah came back with a drama that shows her new side. Another factor to look forward to is her collaboration with Kang Ki-young. This is a good opportunity for the actress to clear up controversy over her acting skills.

Source: TenAsia

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