Netizens got shocked at AOA Chan-mi’s recent update, “How much weight did you lose?”

AOA Chan-mi revealed her current status.

On January 17th, Chan-mi posted a photo on her Instagram and wrote, “It was snowy today. The weather was so cold, but I was glad to see the sudden snow, so I ran outside and took a video.”

The released photo showed Chan-mi standing in the snow and staring at the camera.


However, netizens expressed their concern about Chan-mi’s weight loss, which made her appearance look so different.

Netizens commented, saying, “I think you lost too much weight”, “It’s good to manage your body, but being healthy is always the top priority”, “I couldn’t recognize her because she lost too much weight”, “I miss your chubby appearance”.


Meanwhile, Chan-mi drew attention by revealing her beautiful body profile last year. At that time, she said, “One month after getting this body profile. I have gotten a little chubby again now, but I already gained back the energy after seeing this picture. I have to diet again and keep maintaining the diet routine.”

Chan-mi debuted as a member of AOA in 2012 and has been active as a singer as well as an actress.

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