MC Mong was behind EXO CBX’s dispute with SM? “Everyone knows he and Big Planet Made is one”

“MC Mong is not an internal director of our company, and he has no involvement in any positions, responsibilities, or operations”, BPM said.

MC Mong’s name was mentioned in the dispute over exclusive contracts between EXO members Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin and SM Entertainment. It was earlier revealed on June 1st that SM sent a statement to Big Planet Made Entertainment (BPM), accusing BPM of being the “external force” that cause the dispute to arise. 

MC Mong

The full text of the evidence sent by SM to BPM was not revealed, but it was reported that SM had detected evidence of BPM approaching three EXO members to attempt breaking the existing contracts between SM and the artists as well as induced the EXO trio to sign new contracts. Accordingly, MC Mong also had a personal meeting with EXO members.

When this information was reported, BPM released a statement on the same day, saying “BPM has never met with the artists mentioned in the report, nor discussed any exclusive contracts with them”.

The agency continued, “MC Mong is currently not an internal director of our company, and he has no involvement in any positions, responsibilities, or operations.”

Despite BPM’s explanation, the public is still raising doubts and suspicions. It is because everyone in the industry has already seen BPM and MC Mong as “one”.

BPM claimed that MC Mong is currently not an internal director of the company. However, MC Mong is indeed the founder of the company.

Together with Choi, MC Mong was listed as an internal director at BPM in July 2021 when the company was established. At that time, the company’s auditor was Park Jang Geun, a member of the composer group Yidanyeopchagi. MC Mong resigned from his position as an internal director of the company in November of last year.

BPM Entertainment

After MC Mong’s resignation, Park Jang Geun took the CEO position at BPM. Park Jang Geun was also the CEO of Million Market, the entertainment agency to which MC Mong belongs. In fact, Million Market is also a company established by MC Mong.

The relationship between MC Mong and Yidanyeopchagi is widely known in the music industry. Although MC Mong is not an official member of this composer group, they are essentially considered the same group.

There have been consistent allegations that MC Mong, after facing controversy and getting expelled from the entertainment industry due to his military service scandal, has been composing several songs under the name of Yidanyeopchagi.

An official stated, “Everyone knows BPM is actually MC Mong’s company”, adding “There is a separate floor in the company headquarters specifically for MC Mong.” In addition, several other insiders pointed out that BPM and MC Mong cannot be seen separately in business.

In this regard, an official from SM said, “It is true that we sent a content certification to BPM”, adding “The content is consistent with our previous statement.”

MC Mong

However, some people argue that misunderstandings might have arisen due to the special relationship between MC Mong and Park Jang Geun of Yidanyeopchagi.

In response, BPM expressed regret, stating “It is true that we recently received a content certification from SM with the name of CEO, and we express regret for any intention of making any unrelated link with the internal contract situation of other entertainment company.”

Source: Daum

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