Wearing a deep-cut dress… A girl group member who showed off her sexy body and received great reactions

There is a famous girl group member who drew attention by showing off her glamorous charm.

The main character is Qri, a member of the group T-ara.

On the 6th, Qri posted several photos of her recent status on her Instagram.

t-ara Qri

The released photos show Qri wearing a pink sleeveless dress mixed with a padded jacket and posing in various poses.

On this day, she caught netizens’ attention by showing off her superior visuals with a small face and cool features.

She also wore earplugs and showed off her cute charm, drawing admiration.

She made the fans unable to take their eyes off by showing off her voluminous body with a deep-cut chest outfit. Qri sat with her legs crossed, giving off a deadly charm and showing off her sexiness. 

Netizens who saw the photo left comments on Qri’s Instagram, such as “You’re so pretty”, “You’re beautiful and sexy”, “You’re so hot”, “Unnie, you are so pretty. I love you”, and “Perfect body“.

t-ara Qri

After debuting with T-ara in 2009, Qri received great love with hit songs such as ‘Roly-Poly’, ‘Crazy for you’, ‘SEXY LOVE’, and ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’.

She is currently sharing her daily life via SNS and actively communicating with fans.

Source: wikitree

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