“Mask Girl” Lee Han Byul, “Go Hyun Jung & Nana praised me and held my hands at my first drama press conference”

Rookie actress Lee Han Byul revealed her feelings about making her debut with “Mask Girl”.

Lee Han Byul had an interview with SPOTV News on August 29th and shared various stories about her debut work “Mask Girl”.

Lee Han Byul debuted with the role of Kim Mo Mi in Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl”. Showing her face in front of the public for the first time through “Mask Girl”, Lee Han Byul impressed global viewers with her perfect portrayal of Kim Mo Mi in her early life and stable acting skills.

Lee Han Byul

The rookie actress confessed, “It was my first time participating in a work that many people can watch so I couldn’t enjoy it as a normal viewer. In fact, I kept pausing while watching it and I felt regretful knowing there are scenes in which my acting was not good enough”, adding “Thank you for showing so much interest and love for ‘Mask Girl’. Senior actors also congratulated me, saying they enjoyed the drama”.

Before the identity of Lee Han Byul was revealed, she was only introduced as a “rookie actress” who would play Kim Mo Mi together with Go Hyun Jung and Nana.

mask girl nana

In this regard, Lee Han Byul said, “The trailer only showed the mask and my face was revealed for the first time at the press conference. Since it was my first press conference, I felt very nervous as I didn’t know what the atmosphere would be like”.

She continued, “Senior actors and the director encouraged me a lot to make me feel more relaxed. I heard the director got emotional as if he was sending off his daughter to get married when I showed up for the photo time. Actress Go Hyun Jung said, ‘You did a great job’, and other actors put me in the middle for the group photo time. Actress Nana knew that I would feel nervous so she held my hand. I felt so thankful”, expressing her gratitude towards “Mask Girl” team.

Source: Nate

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