Jeongyeon (TWICE) first publicly appeared with TWICE after a hiatus; sent a message that made fans flutter

Jeongyeon happily appeared on TWICE’s anniversary

On the 6th anniversary of TWICE’s debut, 9 girls dressed up as extremely funny characters. In particular, the attention of many fans focused on Jeongyeon when she just returned after a hiatus, she also gained weight significantly.

The female idol is almost absent from TWICE’s activities, but as for the group’s debut anniversary, she tries to appear to make fans happy. Still with the unique and funny makeup and outfit, Jeongyeon made everyone laugh by playing the role of “ajjussi” riding a dinosaur.

twice jeongyeon
twice jeongyeon
twice jeongyeon

Before that, a series of new photos of the female idol caused a stir on social networks because of her sudden weight gain. It is known that Jeongyeon has an anxiety disorder and a herniated disc in her neck. She has had to take a lot of medicine to cure her illness, which led to side effects such as water edema or hormone disturbances. As a result, she has had to stop working with TWICE and has many changes in appearance. 

twice jeongyeon
twice jeongyeon
9 members all appeared on the group’s anniversary

When the show ended, Jeongyeon had a message to fans on Bubble: “After a long time, I finally saw you again today. I didn’t perform well earlier so I came here. During the rest period, I thought a lot, tried to find a solution, but was still in a mess. Today, I think I have found the answer. The members, the staff, and Once, no words can describe the happiness of being with the ones I love. 

In the future, I will come back as TWICE’s Jeongyeon, a true image of Jeongyeon. I will repay Once as much as I can like how long you have waited for me. Today is really fun. I love you guys so much.”


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