“Marriage Hell” stepfather had excessive physical contact with 7-year-old stepdaughter, viewers demanded the abolition of the program

“Marriage Hell” faces backlash from netizens after revealing the story of a stepfather who had excessive physical contact with his 7-year-old stepdaughter.

MBC’s “Dr. Oh Eun Young Report – Marriage Hell” (hereinafter referred to as “Marriage Hell”), which aired on December 19th, revealed the story of a “go-stop couple”.

The husband fell in love at first sight with his wife’s smile two years ago. As he actively asked her out, the two started dating then eventually became one family. However, that’s when the problem started. The two had a serious conflict over the wife’s 7-year-old daughter due to their different opinions on raising children. It was the husband’s first marriage and the wife’s remarriage.

Marriage Hell

In particular, the 7-year-old daughter called her stepfather “uncle” rather than “dad”. The daughter also described her stepfather, “Uncle is a bully”. The husband confessed, “It was just an affectionate expression because I love her. I was disappointed that the child take it as bullying.”

The way the husband played with his stepdaughter was shown on the program, and it shocked all viewers as it went beyond an expression of love. He hugged his daughter between his legs, tickled her, and touched her bottom with both hands. The daughter continuously shouted, “Let me go”, and complained of discomfort, but the husband didn’t let her go. In particular, he kept poking the daughter’s bottom. The wife tried to stop her husband. The daughter shouted, “I hate uncle”, and strongly refused to let her stepfather touch her body. 

Dr. Oh Eun Young criticized the father, saying “When teaching children, we have this saying, ‘Don’t touch others’ underwear or show others yours’. When a child is over t, parents of the opposite sex should not touch their child’s genital directly when bathing. That is to show respect for the child. He (the husband) didn’t poke his stepdaughter’s arms, but he did it to her bottom. Even biological fathers should be careful not to touch that part of their children. You’ve just become a family with her for a short time, shouldn’t you act more carefully?”

Marriage Hell

The wife even reported her husband’s action as child abuse. However, when asked, “You reported that, then why are you still continuing this marriage?”, the wife said, “If we solve our conflict, I think we will live happily because we have the same goal. I also relied on this person a lot. I felt happy and relieved every time he said ‘I’ll help you’”, showing affection for her husband.

Immediately after the broadcast, netizens on various online communities poured out criticism toward the couple.

“Marriage Hell” has also closed their viewers’ bulletin board. The TALK bulletin on the website has also disappeared. Therefore, viewers have been requesting the abolition of the program through the bulletin board of MBC’s viewer communication center. 

Marriage Hell

As of the afternoon of December 20th, many articles have been posted on the bulleting board under titles, such as “I protest against the recent episode of ‘Marriage Hell’”, “You should not broadcast footage showing child molestation unless it is for the purpose of punishing criminals”, “Separate the child and the father”, “Apologize for airing child molestation scene”, etc.

While the controversy is intensifying, MBC issued an official press release about the popularity of “Marriage Hell”, saying, “‘Marriage Hell’ topped the rating chart among entertainment programs of the same time slot on Monday”, adding “The show also ranked No.1 on the 2049 rating chart, confirming viewers’ interest”.

Amid viewers’ harsh criticism and calls for the abolition of the program, attention is focused on whether MBC will take a position in this regard.

Source: Daum

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