LOONA’s hanbok performance on “Queendom 2” accused by Chinese netizens of plagiarism 

Chinese netizens left negative comments on LOONA’s stage on “Queendom 2”. 

Queendom 2

On Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which was broadcast on April 7th, LOONA was unable to participate in the recording of the first round because the members tested positive for COVID-19, leaving a huge regret.

Queendom 2

However, the stage for the first round prepared by LOONA was later released as a surprise video. LOONA performed the title track “PTT (Paint The Town)” of their fourth mini-album released last year to the traditional arrangement of Korean music.

After finishing the stage, LOONA said, “We prepared a lot for the first round, and felt relieved as we remembered the preparation process. We think we can prepare for the second round feeling more at ease,” raising expectations for their performance in the second round. 

However, immediately after the broadcast, Chinese netizens left plenty of malicious comments on LOONA’s performance, saying, “Hanbok is Chinese”, “This is Chinese Wuxia style, not Hanbok,” and “This is plagiarising the style of Chinese martial arts dramas”, angering Korean netizens. 

Meanwhile, on the show, LOONA also mentioned the time when their activities were suspended due to the loss of their agency’s investment lawsuit. Yves said, “I saw the comments when the articles came out. There were a lot of responses that said, ‘This is unfortunate. They could’ve blown up.’ It was hard to read comments that looked at us pitifully.”

Queendom 2

Hee Jin added, “We didn’t know if we would be able to continue promoting. We were very scared. This is an opportunity that came at a really important time. We are determined to hold onto that and be recognized,” showing her enthusiasm for “Queendom 2”. 

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