“Where’s the copyright consciousness?”… LE SSERAFIM, controversy over using illegal Nintendo chip in teaser video

While the teaser of “HYBE’s first girl group” LE SSERAFIM was released, suspicions arose that a pirated game cartridge was used.

On April 9th, LE SSERAFIM posted a video titled “CASTING CALL” as the seventh teaser.

In the video, while the members were waiting in line for their turn, Sakura was seen using the portable game console Nintendo.

However, some netizens who saw the scene raised suspicions that the cartridge of the game console was an illegal cartridge, so-called “illegal chip”.

An illegal chip is a chip that is used by putting game programs downloaded from a PC into an SD card and inserting them into a compatible cartridge.

Le Sseraphim-Nitendo

In particular, the illegal chip has an SD card slot unlike the genuine chip, and the chip exposed in the scene is the same as an illegal chip.

In response, netizens showed various reactions such as “Where did the copyright consciousness go?”, “They should have paid more attention to the props”, “Everything about this group is controversial”…

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM is the first girl group to be launched in cooperation between HYBE and Source Music and is scheduled to debut in May.

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