BTS Jungkook reveals his abs at the U.S. concert… No.1 worldwide real-time trending + 2.1 million mentions

BTS Jungkook responded enthusiastically to fans' slogan phrases with his abs, drawing keen attention as he topped the worldwide real-time trends.

BTS held the concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS” at Allegiant Stadium in the United States on April 9th (KST).

On this day, BTS started with the opening song “ON”, then respectively performed “Fire”, “Dope”, “Black Swan”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “FAKE LOVE”, “Life Goes On”, “Dynamite”, “Butter”, “Silver Spoon”, “Dis-ease”, “Stay”, “So What”, “Spring Day”, “Permission to Dance”… The group gave special memories to fans in America as they sang “My Universe” with Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Jungkook showed off his tireless energy and passion for stage, presented high-quality live stages with incomparable performances and fantastic singing skills, as well as captivated eyes and ears by demonstrating the dignity of “Stage King” to the fullest.

Jungkook tore up the stadium by easily digesting the ultra-high-pitched bridge part on the “ON” stage. He also showed his overwhelming presence and stage dominance by boasting infinite talents such as colorful ad-libs, swag-filled gestures and highly immersive facial expressions.

BTS Jungkook

In particular, while Jungkook was communicating with fans, he came across a slogan showing himself revealing his abs in “Fake Love” along with the words “WE WANT TO FOCUS ON…”.

In response, Jungkook boldly pulled up the T-shirt he was wearing and showed off his clear and sexy abs, receiving explosive cheers from the audience.

Also, Jungkook didn’t stop at once, he showed off his abs two more times, burning the fan’s heart, and then he smiled shyly.

Fans said, “Thank you very much to the ARMY who made the slogan”, “As soon as Jung Kook showed his abs, he was #1 on trending”, “Jung Kook is such a tough guy. He burned my heart ㅜㅜ”, “Today’s concert is the highlight”, “Oh, I’m going crazy Jungkook… Please come back to Korea”, etc

At the same time, American media All-KPop reported that Jungkook‘s goods were sold out as the ‘first’ among the members at the ‘PTD On Stage Las Vegas Concert’.

Amid the ripening atmosphere of the concert, “JEON JUNGKOOK” ranked first in the global real-time trend on social network service Twitter, and “JUNGKOOK,” “JEON JUNGKOOK,” “JUNGKOOK,” “JUNGKOOK,” “Crop Jacket,” “Tiger Flower” and “Clin” ranked 71 in real-time.

In addition, it showed that SNS was hot with more than 2.1 million comments.

On the other hand, Jungkook said, “I was very worried because I recently caught Corona, but there was no need to worry. The cheers and shouts of ARMY calmed me down. I will work hard as I am now for the remaining 3rd round without a lot of pressure. Please look forward to it. Thank you for coming and I missed you so much.”

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