MAMA 2021: Ed Sheeran confirmed to perform, ITZY and aespa expected to have a collab stage, will YG let BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rosé attend?

MAMA 2021 promises to be one of the biggest year-end events when it is held offline for the first time in 2 years, not to mention the line-up is also worth looking forward to!

On November 16, MAMA 2021 held a press conference to reveal some new information about this year’s award ceremony.

Mnet’s chief director, Park Chan Wook, confirmed that British male singer Ed Sheeran will attend this year’s MAMA and deliver an online performance of the hit “Bad Habits”. Moreover, he revealed that MAMA 2021 will be held offline with an audience for the first time after 2 years of being affected by the pandemic.

MAMA 2021 line-ups
Ed Sheeran confirmed to attend this year’s MAMA

Besides Wanna One’s reunion, MAMA 2021 will also feature the appearance of 8 dance crews from Street Woman Fighter and collaboration stage by 4th generation idols.

MAMA is reportedly aiming to expand its venue beyond Asia, specifically the US in the coming years. CJ ENM’s Music Content Director Kim Hyun Soo said, “As K-pop continues to grow globally, we plan to expand our presence to Asia and adjacent areas. In the next few years, we plan to hold MAMA in the US, the largest music market in the world.”

MAMA 2021 line-ups
Fans speculate there will be a collab stage between aespa
MAMA 2021 line-ups

New information about MAMA is currently taking social media by storm as fans raise their expectations for the upcoming awards. Not only are netizens looking forward to Ed Sheeran’s performance, they are also speculating about the collaboration stage of 4th generation groups. Many fans expect a special stage featuring ITZY and aespa, two outstanding girl groups of the new generation.

Additionally, netizens are also excited for the return of the “bermuda triangle” BTSTWICEWanna One. Back in 2017-2018, this trio of top idol groups continuously made waves at year-end award ceremonies and created memorable moments for Kpop fans.

In particular, when MAMA 2021 is gradually giving spoilers about the special stages, BLACKPINK‘s fans are also concerned with the question: Will YG allow Rosé and Lisa to attend? If there is the appearance of BLACKPINK members, MAMA 2021 will be an extremely explosive awards ceremony by having the hottest idols lineup of 2021!

MAMA 2021 line-ups
BLACKPINK fans are looking forward to Lisa and Rosé attending MAMA 2021
MAMA 2021 line-ups
It’s such a waste of their remarkable solos to not perform at MAMA

Some comments:

  • First Adele unnie and then Ed Sheeran oppa? I’m so excited for MAMA this year!
  • Lisa and Rosé please attend MAMA 2021!!!!
  • The collaboration stage of 4th gen idols must be ITZY and aespa.
  • This year’s MAMA is so exciting. Hope to see idols’ interaction with each other soon.
  • I hope the HYBE family will have a lot of moments together. SEVENTEEN and BTS, just thinking about it already makes me feel happy!!!
  • By the end of the year, the award ceremony’s line-up is buzzing the SNS again. Hopefully this year, YG will let BLACKPINK attend.


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