“Cool MIXX” NMIXX showed sharp group dance and captivating facial expressions! They are a perfect idol group 

NMIXX showed a perfect performance and matching facial expression in their recent MU:PLY appearance. 

On the 1st, a short video of “Ply Arts High School LIVE” was posted on the official YouTube of “MU:PLY”. The released video showed NMIXX performing under the title of “[LIVE] NMIXX kills with indiscriminate live attacks #NMIX #DICE #PlyEgoLIVE #Shorts”.

In the video, NMIXX performed a part of their new song “DICE” and drew attention with various facial expressions. The intense choreography, perfect live singing, and versatile expressions that differed from verse to verse embodied the confidence of the group of the next generation. Viewers were in awe of their talents.

NMIXX is a rookie group under JYP Entertainment, consisting of Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, BAE, Jiwoo, and Kyujin, which are expanding their world-building through their new song “DICE”.

NMIXX is receiving favorable reviews from fans as a group with more dynamic and flexible performances than before. This is different from the fact that the existing JYP Entertainment girl group was loved for its popular concepts, leading to Wonder Girls, Miss A, and TWICE.

Meanwhile, NMIXX’s title track “DICE” is a song with sophisticated and colorful jazz sounds, dreamy traps, pop, addictive beat hip-hop, and addictive chorus based on rhythmic brass.

Source: daum

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