Former FT Island member Song Seung-hyun was quick to speak up after “phone call fraud” controversy 

Actor Song Seung-hyun from the band FT Island refuted when he was pointed out as the idol-turned-actor A who turned himself in after committing a voice phishing crime.

Song Seung-hyun posted on Instagram on July 12th, “It’s not me. Don’t worry. I’m doing well while filming a production,” he said in a post capturing an article with related information.

The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency’s anti-corruption and economic crime investigation team announced on July 12th that it has booked actor A without detention on charges of fraud.

A took part in a telephone fraud (voice phishing) cash collecting crime and turned himself in to the police. A is suspected of receiving 6 million won in cash from voice phishing victim B on the 16th of last month. As a result, speculation about A, a former idol, was poured out among netizens, and Song Seung-hyun’s name was mentioned in the process.

song seung hyun

Song made his debut as a member of FT Island in 2009. After leaving the team in 2019, he’s been active as an actor.

Source: Insight

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