‘Sold out in 0.1 seconds’ BTS Jimin’s self-designed purple hoodie appears on global news 

BTS’s Jimin continues to prove himself to be a world-class “Sold Out King”. 

Local reporter and producer Anna Serezo of ABS-CBN News, the largest private broadcaster in the Philippines, recently appeared during a live broadcast wearing the ‘With You HOODY’ hoodie that BTS’s Jimin participated in design and production. 

Jimin’s ‘With You HOODY’ purple hoodie has received much attention and created a craze as it is engraved with the number “13” (Jimin’s birthday and BTS’s debut date), carrying special meaning for Jimin and ARMYs. It drew enthusiastic responses even before its release, starting a “purchase war” among fans to grab one, which is as intense as buying a ticket for BTS’s concert. 

BTS Jimin

When it first went on sale on January 18th, many fans could not even see the checkout and order button. The hoodie’s explosive popularity made it sell out in 0.1 seconds and caused servers from official online retailers in Korea, America, and Japan to go down.

After that, 2 more sales were carried out because of restocking requests from fans, but again, there were still plenty of fans who could not purchase because they were quickly sold out from the start. The 4th sale period is now in high demand. The hoodie is so popular that there have been rip-offs and fakes of it on quite a few domestic and foreign online sites. 

BTS Jimin

Jimin’s signature purple hoodie, which symbolizes BTS and ARMY also proved its popularity during BTS’s Seoul concert in March held at Jamsil Stadium when numerous fans were wearing it to the venue, creating a “purple wave”. 

BTS Jimin

Jimin is well-known as a ‘Sold Out King’ and ‘Global It Boy’. Many celebrities have been seen wearing shirts with Jimin’s face or name printed on overseas broadcasts.

After seeing reporter Anna Serezo wearing Jimin’s purple hoodie, which many fans couldn’t buy, on live news, fans expressed their jealousy through comments such as, “How did the reporter buy it? It sold out in 0.1 seconds. I’m envious”, “Even the reporter could get one”, “I thought it was the official outfit after seeing so many fans wearing the purple hoodie at BTS’s concert”, and “The hoodie is a hit at the concert venue, it is insanely popular.” 

BTS Jimin
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