The agency of the FT Island member turning himself in for committing fraud said not everything is true

Actor A, speculated to be an ex-member of FT Island, drew attention after turning himself in for committing fraud.

It was reported on July 12th that an actor (A) from a famous idol group turned himself in to the police after participating in a voice phishing crime. An official from A’s company said in a phone call with Sports Seoul on the same day, “Some of the revelations are right, but there are some parts that are not.”


He said, “It is true that A got a job through the recommendation of an acquaintance, but it is not true that he has had economic difficulties. It’s only been about four days since he started working there,” he said. “The interview was conducted in a non-face-to-face manner because of the COVID-19 situation, but the day after he joined the company, I sensed something strange about it,” he explained the situation.

“The voice phishing company asked him to get money from investors who cannot make cash deposits. As soon as A received the money from the victim, he went straight to the police station. Thanks to A, the police was able to catch a voice phishing organization and prevent the damage,” he said.

Since then, the victim and the police have reportedly expressed their gratitude to A. A’s company official said, “The police even suggested him becoming an ambassador to prevent voice phishing.”

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Earlier, Yeoju Police Station in Gyeonggi Province announced that A’s confession that “I received 6 million won from the victim of a voice phishing crime.” The suspect, who had been suffering from financial difficulties, started working a “high-paying part-time job” in a company. As soon as he started working, A realized that it was a voice phishing crime and immediately visited the police station to make a statement.

Since then, the Gyeonggi Southern Gyeongchang Office, which received the case, has found out that there have been two more cases of damage. Starting with A’s report, three more voice phishing accomplices could be arrested.

Meanwhile, according to an article from The Fact, A is a member of FT Island – a famous Gen 2 boy group.

Source: Daum

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