HYBE Visualizes Multi-Label Strategy Performance

The share price of HYBE is increasing day by day as growth expectations increase due to the activity of new groups and business expansion. The results of the multi-label strategy seem to be visible.

On the 21st, the stock price of HYBE was traded at 169,000 won, up 4.0% (6,500 won) from the previous day. After recording the lowest point (107,000 won) on October 13th, it succeeded in rebounding by more than 50%.


This is the analysis of the stock market that the rise of new groups such as ADOR’s NewJeans and HYBE Labels Japan’s &TEAM acted as a favorable factor following the resolution of uncertainty over the BTS military issue. 

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In fact, NewJeans is currently enjoying a syndrome-like popularity. The title song ‘Attention’ from the debut album ‘New Jeans’ topped several music charts at home and abroad, and another debut song ‘Hype boy’ topped the Billboard 200 for 19 consecutive weeks. 

In addition, ‘Ditto’, a b-side song from New Jin’s single album ‘OMG’ released on the 19th, also swept the top spot on domestic music charts right after its release, and was ranked #1 on iTunes’ ‘Top Song’ in 7 countries/regions, including the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. It has been performing well, reaching number one on the charts.

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‘HYBE’s first Japanese group,’ &Team, recently launched in Japan, is doing well in Korea as well as in Japan. Within 9 days of their debut, they topped the Japanese Oricon chart daily, weekly, and weekly combined album rankings, and in Korea, they ranked 3rd on the Circle Chart (formerly Gaon Chart) retail album daily chart, an unprecedented achievement for a newly debuted rookie.

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While the two groups are continuing their activities, HYBE announced on the 21st that it had established a new label ‘NAECO’ as a subsidiary of HYBE Japan which had a positive impact on stock prices.

Following the merger with Ithaca Holdings, an American comprehensive media company in April of last year, HYBE, which reorganized its headquarters structure with a focus on Korea, the US, and Japan, is in charge of artist planning, training, and overall management, while also providing high-quality content production capabilities. Through this, they plan to broadly support artists’ advancement into the global market.

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On top of that, the news of the recruitment of the first artist was also reported. The first artist is none other than Hirate Yurina, a famous Japanese actress.

Han Hyeon-rok, CEO of Hive Japan, emphasized, “The ‘borderless expansion’ strategy promised by HYBE is taking shape.”

Expectations are high that HYBE will be able to continue its strong performance through new momentum.

Source: daum

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