“You Quiz on the Block” edited Jessica out of SNSD’s group photo

The production team of “You Quiz on the Block” is making headlines for editing Jessica out of SNSD’s group photo.

“Idol concept master” Min Hee-jin appeared on the December 1 episode of tvN’s entertainment programYou Quiz on the Block. On this day, Min Hee-jin mentioned the fact that she completed the concept of SNSD‘s Gee” with white T-shirts, jeans and colored skinny jeans. In this process, a group photo of SNSD appeared as a material screen. Later, netizens mentioned Jessica, who disappeared from the group photo.

"You Quiz on the Block" edited Jessica out of SNSD's group photo

Accordingly, many people showed reactions such as “They have good sense”, “She’s the one who left the group, so I’m sure she doesn’t mind it either”, “They didn’t have to do it, but I’m grateful that they did it”... On the other hand, some expressed opposite views such as “She’s not a criminal. Isn’t it too much?”, “Why did they have to go this far?”…

"You Quiz on the Block" edited Jessica out of SNSD's group photo

Meanwhile, Jessica withdrew from SNSD in 2014. At that time, SM Entertainment announced, “This spring, due to her personal situation, Jessica said she would stop group activities after one more album.” Then they added, “Despite Jessica’s sudden statement, Jessica and SNSD members continued to work hard and carefully think over so that the team can continue to work in the best direction. However, recently with Jessica starting her fashion business while there was a lack of specific mediation regarding the interests and prioritization of SNSD’s activities, a situation has been reached where the team cannot be maintained despite continued discussion.”


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