BTS Dynamite set many new world record in a few hours

At 13 p.m (KST) on August 21, BTS officially returned by releasing MV Dynamite. This is an English single before their upcoming album releasing later this year. Immediately after the release, this song has recorded great achievements in the first hour.

MV had the highest releasing view in the YouTube history

BTS’s Dynamite MV reached 2.99 million viewers at the time of its release. This number helps BTS set a new world record, far from the previous record of BLACKPINK How You Like That (1.66 million views).


MV reached 10 million and 20 million views the fastest in the world

BTS Dynamite took only 21 minutes to reach 10 million views. The group broke their previous record with ON (1 hour 5 minutes). Continuing to grow strongly, after exactly 1 hour, this MV has reached 18 million views.


Dynamite officially reached 20 million views after just 1 hour 14 minutes, becoming the fastest MV reaching 20 million views in the world. The group continued to break BLACKPINK’s previous record with the MV How You Like That (4 hours 32 minutes). In addition, the MV also reached 1 million likes when it was not released and 2 million likes the fastest in the world.

Ranked 1st of 2nd on Korean digital music charts, ranked 1st on US iTunes US the fastest time ever of BTS

The song Dynamite has a very positive digital record in the first hour of release. The song ranked 1st on Genie and Bugs, 2nd on FLO and 75th on MelOn.

On the international market, Dynamite quickly ranked No. 1 on US iTunes. In addition, the song also hit the top of iTunes in more than 20 other countries.

Controlling top trending worldwide

BTS’s comeback with Dynamite received a lot of attention and discussion from global netizens. All the hashtags related to this comeback have climbed up to the highest ranks of Twitter’s global top trending.

image 24

These numbers are continuing to increase very fast, and definitely will achieve more impressive records. Let’s wait and see!

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