Male K-pop Idol Accused of Molesting Female CEO – Footage Included 

The company of this male K-pop idol has revealed a video allegedly showing him sexually assaulting a former female CEO.

On March 19th, the former management company of boy group OMEGA X – Spire Entertainment, disclosed a video showing OMEGA X member Hwichan touching former CEO Kang Seung-hee sexually. According to Spire Entertainment’s current CEO Hwang Sung-woo, this footage was recovered through forensic methods.

In the video, a man believed to be Hwichan can be seen molesting former CEO Kang Seung-hee. The footage shows the male idol touching Kang Seung-hee’s body inappropriately.

omega x
Spire Entertainment held a press conference revealing the footage and accused OMEGA X member Hwichan of sexually assaulting former CEO Kang Seung-hee.
omega x hưi chan
OMEGA X member Hwichan

Hwichan, whose full name is Lee Hwi-chan, was born in 1996. He was born and raised in a family of two siblings in Gimje, Jeollabuk-do, North Korea. Before joining OMEGA X, Hwichan debuted under boy group LIMITLESS in July 2019, and used the stage name Raychan.

However, LIMITLESS reportedly disbanded in 2020 due to inactivity. Prior to LIMITLESS, Hwichan also auditioned for the survival show “MIXNINE”, but did not pass the audition.

In March 2021, Hwichan was officially announced as a member of OMEGA X. However, on the afternoon of October 16, 2022, OMEGA X held a press conference to accuse their agency’s CEO, Kang Seung-hee, of physically assaulting and sexually harassing the members.

It is known that before OMEGA X’s press conference, there were also widespread social media posts showing evidence that female CEO Kang Seung-hee physically abused and harassed the members, as well as forcing the group to perform while infected with COVID-19.

Immediately after the controversial press conference, a representative of OMEGA X stated that they had seen the SNS posts and would soon issue a statement. Meanwhile, OMEGA X officially took legal measures against their agency. 

Previously, at the end of 2022, OMEGA X had held a press conference to accuse CEO Kang Seung-hee.

Source: K14

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