Company under investigation for allegedly brokering personal meetups with star that former WayV Lucas once exposed of using 

A broker company reveals they can arrange personal meet-ups with top stars around the world for a price.

On June 7th, Sohu reported that the event-organizing broker company “Go to the Show” recently released the pricing for meet-up service with Chinese and global stars. The service includes private activities such as having dinner or singing and dancing for two hours.


Specifically, the more popular and the bigger the fanbase, the costlier the price. For example, if one wants to meet the singer and actress, Yang Chao Yue, that person has to pay around 1.1 million USD. The pricing also includes the costs to meet other stars such as Hua Chen Yu, Li Xian, Yang Mi, Cai Xu Kun, and Jay Chou. The cost ranges from 1.8 million to 5.3 million USD.

To meet other global stars such as the football player Messi requires 50 million CNY (7 million US). The company also requires its customers to pay 50% of service fee upfront. If the meeting arrangement does not happen as planned, the company is liable for a refund.

Upon seeing the price lists, netizens and the general public could not help but be surprised. Moreover, private meetings as such can seriously taint an artist’s or star’s reputation.

Nonetheless, there are a group of netizens saying this is normal as many stars were exposed for taking advantage of well-off fans to receive expensive gifts. One of them was the former NCT and WayV Lucas.


However, an artist’s manager reveals the given information to be false, and Go to the Show may be a scammer. The manager states that they have never come across such a service. Currently, the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation is opening an investigation into Go to the Show.

Source: K14

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