Kim Seon Ho reveals his pressure as the title character in “The Childe”

“The Childe” Kim Seon Ho revealed the pressure of taking on the title role and why he was casted despite “personal life controversy”.

On the afternoon of June 8th, a press screening for the movie “The Childe” was held at Megabox COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Here, director Park Hoon Jung and actor Kim Seon Ho had a Q&A session.

Kim Seon ho

During the session, director Park Hoon Jung stated, “As we were preparing for the filming of ‘The Childe’, the moment I saw the character of ‘Childe’, I thought that there was no alternative to actor Kim Seon Ho.”

Director Park Hoon Jung further emphasized, “I didn’t have any other thoughts, and I’m telling you once again that there were no alternatives (to actor Kim Seon Ho).”

Meanwhile, regarding the pressure of playing the movie’s title role, Kim Seon Ho mentioned that he didn’t start knowing that he will play the title character. 

“I participated wholeheartedly as an actor, thinking it was a project titled ‘Sad Tropics’, but the title changed to ‘The Childe’”, the actor confessed. 

Park Hoonjeong

He then revealed, “I did it because I was told that I didn’t need to feel burdened. When I came to the set and heard the story of being ‘Childe’, I felt like a heavy weight was put on my shoulder.”

Finally, Kim Seon Ho concluded, saying, “During filming, as an actor and as a member of the team, I did my best”, adding, “Right now, I’m very nervous, but I will seek advice from my seniors on how to handle it.”

Source: Daum

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