BLACKPINK Jennie Rumored to be Cast by Marvel After Controversial Acting Debut in “The Idol”

Not only Jennie, but another Korean actress is also being considered for a new Marvel series.

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s highly anticipated acting debut in HBO’s original series “The Idol” has been under controversy, with Jennie’s acting based on her limited screen time receiving mixed reactions. 


However, Jennie’s acting journey has just begun, and her rumored upcoming project has the potential to make a real breakthrough.

According to a report by Dipe Dispatch and Pop Base, Jennie is in talks with Marvel Studios for a role in the new miniseries “Team Agents of Atlas” about a team of Asian superheroes. If the discussions go smoothly, Jennie will portray Luna Snow.

Born as Seol Hee, Luna Snow has the ability to control snow and has the power to both inflict and heal injuries. Furthermore, in the Marvel world, Seol Hee is also a K-pop idol like Jennie and the leader of a group named 4L1T.

This rumor started spreading widely after Jennie’s debut as an actress in “The Idol”. Fans have also noticed that many Asian stars from the Marvel cinematic universe like Benedict Wong, Fala Chen, Claudia Kim, are following Jennie on Instagram. 

Simu Liu from “Shang-Chi” and Kathryn Newton from “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” were also recently spotted attending BLACKPINK’s concert in Los Angeles.

Moreover, photos of Jennie and Park Seo Joon at the Chanel event on June 1st are also considered a hint that Jennie will be part of Marvel. Park Seo Joon will soon make his Hollywood debut as Prince Yan in “The Marvels”.

park seo joon jennie

In addition to Jennie, Marvel is reportedly considering many other names to join “Team Agents of Atlas”. Park Shin Hye has also been mentioned, along with two young Chinese actors, Leo Wu and Guan Xiaotong. 

Source: K14. 

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