The recent trend of KPOP fans spreading “dating rumors” and idols’ funny reactions: Taeyeon is in a “love triangle”, Ryujin and Karina’s vague relationship?

A trend among KPOP fans is currently receiving huge attention. 

There is recently a trend that fans created dating rumors of idols they like or idols who are close friends and asked the idols themselves to confirm on live broadcasts. Facing this joke, Seola (WJSN), SinB (VIVIZ), and Ryujin (ITZY) amazed fans with their honest answers.

One of the first idols who became the target of this joke was Seola (WJSN). While communicating with fans on a Vlive broadcast, Seola read a comment asking whether she was in a “romantic relationship” with senior singer Taeyeon (SNSD). Seola shyly replied, “Is there a dating rumor between me and Taeyeon sunbaenim? I wish it was true”.

IU's PaletteIUJay Park

The reason this dating rumor broke out was that Seola has been so well-known as a true fan of Taeyeon. Seola often uploads Instagram Reels with Taeyeon’s songs in the background. Besides, she has also done many covers of her senior’s hit songs, such as “Blue”, “11:11”, “What do I call you”, etc.

IU's PaletteIUJay Park

The same situation happened to SinB (VIVIZ). A fan also asked SinB to confirm the dating rumor between her and Taeyeon during a livestream on March 14th. After receiving the question, SinB couldn’t hold her excitement, and her vague response drew even more attention. The female idol said, “You guys want me to explain the dating rumor with Taeyeon sunbaenim? I’m sorry, I won’t explain anything”.

Netizens even pointed out “proofs” of Taeyeon and SinB’s “romantic relationship”, such as similarities between the two’s phone cases, outfits, etc. 

Wearing the same outfit but SinB (left) and Taeyeon (right) exuded different vibes
Taeyeon SinB 160322
Both Taeyeon and SinB have phone cases with yellow-white checkered patterns.

Previously, Taeyeon and SinB caused a stir as both posted Instagram Stories about rain with captions that were like a conversation.

SinB (left) wrote: “I hate rain but loves the sound of rain”. Taeyeon said: “I understand that feeling”.
Fans also recalled the old photo of Taeyeon and SinB.

Apart from being rumored to be dating Taeyeon at the same time, Seola and SinB have one more thing in common. Both are currently participating in “Queendom 2” which is hosted by Taeyeon. The first episode of this program will air on March 31st. Therefore, fans are looking forward to seeing the interactions of the “love triangle” – Taeyeon, Seola and SinB.

TaeyeonQueendom 2

Recently, Ryujin (ITZY) also became a “victim” of this trend. On a livestream, a fan asked Ryujin about her relationship with aespa’s leader Karina, “You and Jimin unnie (Karina’s real name is Jimin) are dating, right?”

Immediately, Ryujin gave an ambiguous answer, revealing more information about the two’s friendship. She said, “Dating? I mean… I did call her ‘jagi (honey)’. I don’t often call other people ‘jagi’, only with Chaeryeong and Jimin unnie. I also went out to make snow ducks and snow bears with Jimin unnie”.

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Dating rumor is often considered a “sensitive” issue to KPOP idols. However, the way fans spread dating rumors of idols who are fans and idols of each other or close friends made this a funny trend that has received enthusiastic reactions. Which other idols will be called out in this trend?

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