The reason why IU thought Jay Park would not release “GANADA (Feat. IU)” 

IU confessed that she thought “GANADA (Feat. IU)” could not be released.

Singer and actress IU posted a video on her official YouTube channel on the afternoon of the 16th under the title “Who Blocked My Contact?” (With Park Jae-beom) Ep.11.”

In the video, Park Jae-beom recalled that he started working with IU as she asked who made “All I Wanna Do(K) (Feat. Hoody, Loco)” and contacted him.

In response, IU said, “I contacted Jay Park and I remember you made a group chat for me with Cha Cha Malone. It didn’t work out as planned but we stayed in touch occasionally and got to officially work together after about 6 years.”

IU's Palette-IU-Jay Park

Park Jae-beom continued, “IU said “Let’s make a song when we get a chance” I thought “Really? All right then” I started working right after I heard that.” As IU said, “Since you’re the best Korean hiphop artist, I got the chance to work with the best Korean hiphop artist,” Jay Park responded, “So I prioritized it and started working on it right away. You said I’m the best Korean hiphop artist.”

In addition, IU recalled inviting Park Jae-beom as a guest in one of her past concerts, but he couldn’t come due to an overseas schedule. In response, Park Jae-beom said, “I felt very honored to be invited to IU’s concert but sadly the penalty for breach was way too high, so I couldn’t cancel that schedule. If I was in my current state back then, my soju is kind of booming, I would’ve paid the penalty and just left it.”

Then IU said, “When we can restart concerts, you will be the first artist,” to which Park Jae-beom said, “The honor is all mine. I won’t arrange any overseas schedule from now on.”

IU's Palette-IU-Jay Park

IU continued, “It’s been two years now since we first met at the recording studio. Why did it take so long? I really wanted to know why We recorded it 2 years ago. ‘I must’ve been cut because my recording wasn’t good enough.’ That’s what I thought.”

Then “We completed it in 2020, right. We even did the mixing. I wanted to release it at the right time when I could prepare for it properly and have the time and condition for it. How would it be as my new start in my new company? Even though it’s been 2 years, the song does not feel old at all. I think I was smart to save it,” Jay Park said with satisfaction.

IU also responded, “But I also feel that this is the perfect time to release it. It suits perfectly with the weather”

In addition, Park Jae-beom said, “IU, you were so professional and you gave me a lot of input and feedback about the direction or the lyrics, so it was very easy for me. I was usually in the position to give advices, I won’t say directing, so I really loved that I was the one to get directed when I worked with you, IU. IU always leads people to grow.”

Meanwhile, “GANADA (Feat. IU)” is a bright and cheerful pop R&B song suitable for spring, with exciting lyrics suitable for the White Day, easy-to-singing melodies, and a refreshing vocal combination of Park Jae-beom and IU.

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