Leonardo DiCaprio is dating 27-year-old model Gigi Hadid… A perfect couple who match each other’s ideal type

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio (47 years old) once again fell in love with a woman who is so similar to his “typical” ideal type.

According to reports from the media on September 21st (local time), acquaintances revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio is currently dating the “blonde beauty” Gigi Hadid. 

The two are reportedly getting to know each other and spending time together in New York. Acquaintances said that Hadid matches DiCaprio’s ideal type perfectly and the two are enjoying a sweet date. “They like each other a lot and are having a good time together. Gigi is the type of woman Leo is usually attracted to”, said a close source.

Leonardo Dicarprio Gigi Hadid

Earlier, the Daily Mail drew keen attention by exclusively releasing photos of the two having affectionate skinship moments at a party held in Casa Cipriani, Manhattan. Since then, rumors of their romantic relationship spread and received huge support from the public.

Another close acquaintance said, “They met a lot at overlapped events and were attracted to each other. A woman as smart and successful as Gigi was enough to get Leo’s attention.”

The report comes less than a month after DiCaprio’s four-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend, model and actress Camila Morrone ended. DiCaprio broke up with Morrone as soon as she turned 25, and the rumors broke out. This is DiCaprio’s pattern of only dating women under 25.

However, as she turns 27 this year, Gigi Hadid has broken the “Leo’s Law” that DiCaprio refuses to date women who are past the age of 25 in public.

Leonardo Dicarprio Gigi Hadid

There is another thing Gigi Hadid has broken. The Daily Mail said, “Dicaprio is known to have never dated a woman with a child. Hadid has a daughter, Khai, with Zayn Malik of One Direction. Khai is two years old now.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Morrone revealed, “Camila is doing well. She has many friends who really care about her. She’s moving on with her life. She is no longer in contact with Leo.”

Source: Nate

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