American media about BLACKPINK’s VMAs performance: lip-sync trick vs masterpiece?

BLACKPINK’s performance at the VMAs still draws attention, albeit conflicting

With their pre-release single “Pink Venom”, BLACKPINK already set a bunch of new records, having topped Billboard’s Global 200 chart and landing in 22nd on the extremely strict Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

With extremely strict rules, only truly impactful songs in the US can make it to the Billboard Hot 100, yet BLACKPINK has managed such a feat, and became the only female Kpop artist to rank this high on the chart. 

BLACKPINK’s high position on various Billboard charts are clear testaments about the group’s extensive impact in America as well as on a worldwide scale. 

For their latest song “Pink Venom”, BLACKPINK also brought the single to an international stage, having performed it at the 2022 MTV VMAs. Even after the award ceremony concluded, their performance still makes grounds on SNS, leaving a resounding impression on both fans and casual viewers. However, it seems that American media sites are having contrasting opinions regarding this stage, with famous site Variety dubbing it as one of the worst moments of the 2022 MTV VMAs. 

In particular, the American media called the “Pink Venom” performance a “lip-sync snafus”, and said that the group is among “repeat offenders” who make the “conspicuous blunder” of “obvious lip-syncing”. 

They devoted attention to their killer dance routines but left little room for the actual singing,” Variety wrote. 

BLACKPINK’s performance at the 2022 MTV VMAs

On the contrary, Billboard selected “Pink Venom” as the 2nd best stage of the award ceremony, surpassed only by Nicki Minaj’s legendary medley. “As pink smoke spilled over the stage and into the VMAs audience, BLACKPINK busted out their new single ‘Pink Venom’ with rapid-fire vocals and fierce choreography”, the news site said. 

On the other hand, BLACKPINK was the most mentioned artist at the 2022 MTV VMAs with a total of 7 million mentions, surpassing Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. 

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