Lee Sun Hee denied embezzlement charges during the recent police questioning

Singer Lee Sun Hee is under police investigation for embezzlement suspicions.

On May 25th, News1 reported that the National Police Agency’s Major Crime Investigation Division had summoned Lee Sun Hee for questioning on charges of embezzlement.

The police suspect that Lee Sun Hee embezzled funds from One Entertainment, where she served as a CEO. Known as Lee Sun Hee’s personal company, One Entertainment was established in 2013 and liquidated in August of last year.


The police reportedly found this situation while investigating the embezzlement of Hook Entertainment. According to reports, Lee Sun Hee denied all allegations, stating “I was the only singer in the company and had no involvement in management.”

The police will investigate whether Lee Sun Hee falsely listed employees to the agency and misappropriated funds through improper means. In addition, the police also raise suspicions regarding the relationship between Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young and One Entertainment.

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Meanwhile, Lee Sun Hee is currently a singer under Hook Entertainment. The fact that she was registered as an executive Hook drew netizens’ attention when the company had a dispute with former artist Lee Seung Gi over unpaid music profits. In this regard, Hook stated, “We listed Lee Sun Hee as a director on paper as a way to show our gratitude since she has been with Hook from the beginning. Hook Entertainment is a one-person company with 100% shares owned by CEO Kwon Jin Young from 2006 to 2021, and Lee Sun Hee was not involved in the company’s management or issues related to profit distribution.”

Source: Daum

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