Netizens re-examine Kim Hye Soo’s ‘talent donation’ case amid Kim Tae Ri’s translator recruitment controversy

Kim Tae Ri’s ‘talent donation’ controversy continues, and senior actress Kim Hye Soo was summoned for a comparison.

Kim Hye Soo talked about translation and reading in an interview with Woman DongA in July 2016. Known as an extensive reader, Kim Hye Soo said, “If I come across a writer and get hooked on their book, I will just buy and read all the books they wrote”, adding “I buy books that have not been translated and published in Korea directly from overseas online sites. Then I’ll ask someone to translate them for me to read”.


Kim Hye Soo’s remarks at that time made headlines. It is because many people were impressed by her unique reading method and understanding of translation when showing affection for books and their authors.

At that time, netizens poured compliments on Kim Hye Soo, saying “I could feel the dignity of Kim Hye Soo, who commissioned a translator to read foreign books”, “She helped me broaden my thoughts on how to make and spend money”, “Please collect all the works requested by Kim Hye Soo and publish them as ‘Kim Hye Soo Collection’”, etc.

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She also received keen support from translators. Many translators commented, “I also want to apply to translate for Kim Hye Soo. I want to find some good books and translate them for her”, “I want to become Kim Hye Soo’s personal translator”, “Then I want to be the illustrator for the translation requested by Kim Hye Soo”, etc., expressing their willingness to donate their talents.

Translator Hwang Seok Hee also left a message to Kim Hye Soo, saying “I always reject being a personal translator no matter how much money they pay me. But being a personal translator for Kim Hye Soo? Please call me”

Kim Hye Soo’s words about reading and translation are suddenly recalled in online communities amidst the controversy over Kim Tae Ri asking translators to donate talents. 


Kim Tae Ri faced harsh criticism after making a post seeking translators for her Youtube channel’s videos. On May 22nd, the actress wrote on Instagram, saying “This project is done through talent donation. If you are interested in it, please fill in the form here and my team will contact you.” Some people pointed out that Kim Tae Ri’s request for fans’ talent donations is unreasonable.

As a result, netizens are comparing Kim Tae Ri, who makes a request, with Kim Hye Soo, who naturally attracts people to willingly donate their talents. 

In the case of Kim Tae Ri’s controversy, criticism intensified even after her agency issued an apology. On the 23rd, Management mmm stated, “This project started with her sole desire that more international fans would be able to enjoy the videos”, adding “We sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to many people due to our poor expressions of intentions.”

Source: Nate

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