Lee Ki-woo: “My bride-to-be is a warm person who connected me with Teddy, an abandoned dog”

Actor Lee Ki-woo fell in love with his bride-to-be, who has a warm heart, at first glance. He also shared the reason why he wants to promise his whole life with her.

Lee Ki-woo will hold a private wedding ceremony with his lover in Jeju Island in September. The bride-to-be is a non-celebrity. She is younger than Lee Ki-woo and is known for her beauty as well as her successful career.

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Regarding the bride-to-be, Lee Ki-woo told iMBC Entertainment, “Her attitude toward life is really right and just. She has a lot of affection and no vain greed, but she lives a passionate life, and is bright and positive,” he said. “She is someone I had a lot to learn from. In particular, she has great interest in not only human rights but also animal rights, which is why she matches so well with me.”

As Lee Ki-woo said, he is one of the celebrities who consistently pay attention to human rights, animal rights, and the environment and put his words into actions. He does his best to courageously speak out and try to exert a good influence. In addition to appearing in the music video for the 2050 Carbon Neutral Vision project, he visited the “Korean National Association Memorial Hall” in Los Angeles, California, which houses Ahn Chang-ho’s relics, large numbers of photos, and precious records to commemorate the 77th anniversary of Korea’s liberation.

lee ki woo

He is a star who has also shown great interest in animal rights. Taking the lead in promoting the adoption of abandoned animals, he has expressed the slogan “Don’t buy, adopt,” and donated all of his appearance fee on KBS’s “Dogs Are Incredible” to the adoption facilities. Lee Ki-woo’s pet Teddy is also an adopted dog. In this regard, Lee Ki-woo said it was his bride-to-be who gave him the courage to meet Teddy. “She was the one who made me courageous enough to adopt Teddy,” he said. “She was with me when I first adopted Teddy and brought him home. Teddy is better at following her than me now,” he boasted.

Lee Ki-woo said, “My girlfriend is interested in the environment and animal rights and has strong practical skills. She makes me feel “worthwhile being together” and feel very good as we respect each other during developmental conversations. She’s the one who always makes me feel confident.”

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Finally, when asked about his idea of a dream family and marriage, Lee Ki-woo said, “My parents said, ‘Live with gratitude for your life in a happy way,'” adding, “I want to live with small but certain happiness often.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ki-woo made his debut with the 2003 movie “Classic” and starred in the films “Windstruck,” “He Was Cool,” “Sad Movie,” “The Chaser” and “Time Renegade.” He has also been active in dramas such as “A Love To Kill,” “Cool Guys Hot Ramen,” “The Virus,” “Miss Korea,” “Memory,” “The Lady in Dignity,” and “18 Again.”

lee ki woo

In particular, he played the role of single daddy Jo Tae-hoon in the recent JTBC drama “My Liberation Notes” and received enthusiastic reviews. His next work is also confirmed to be JTBC’s new drama “Four Men.”

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