Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, EXO D.O. and Kim Ki Bang Confirmed for Na PD’s New TV Show “You Reap What You Sow”

Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, EXO’s D.O., and Kim Ki Bang are set to embark on a rural adventure in Na PD’s new variety show 

PD Na Young Seok’s new tvN program, “You Reap What You Sow” (working title), is set to air its first episode on October 13th at 8:40 PM KST. The highly anticipated lineup includes Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, Do Kyung Soo (EXO D.O.), and Kim Ki Bang, who are well-known as close friends.

Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Woo-bin

“You Reap What You Sow” showcases the fun events that happen when close friends come together to cultivate small plots of land, presented in a delightful documentary format. In fact, they authentically capture the everyday natural behavior of Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, Do Kyung Soo, and Kim Ki Bang.

While these four may not know much about farming, they show their genuine emotions when dealing with crops, whether it’s tears or laughter. They also have sincere fun together.

Lee Kwang Soo radiates a diverse charm that alternates between humor and seriousness. He not only spreads cheerful energy but also demonstrates his qualities as a reliable leader, driving the work forward and solving problems.

Kim Woo Bin is appearing on a variety show as a regular cast member for the first time with “You Reap What You Sow.” He promises to bring fresh laughter with his character of following a strict “understand before execution” routine.

Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Woo-bin

“Golden Maknae” Do Kyung Soo uses his unique sense, efficiency in work, and exceptional cooking skills to capture his older brothers’ love.

Kim Ki Bang is a natural-born farmer who handles farming equipment with skill. He passionately manages the field, sets an example, and brings laughter to his younger brothers, showcasing his presence as the eldest brother.

With the strong personalities of these rookie farmers and their close friendship, viewers are eagerly awaiting their natural chemistry in “You Reap What You Sow.”

The collaboration of Na PD, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, Do Kyung Soo, and Kim Ki Bang will premiere on tvN on Friday, October 13th, at 8:40 PM KST.

Source: Nate

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