Fans can’t stop shipping Kim Jong Kook – Song Ji Hyo despite they denying dating rumors

Based on these moments, viewers can partly understand why the connection between Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo is so adored.

After Monday Couple broke up, viewers have been “sailing the ship” harder for the SpartAce couple Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo.  Although Song Ji Hyo recently denied the dating rumors, it is undeniable that the sweet interactions of the two have captured viewers’ hearts over the years.

song ji hyo kim jong kook

Jong Kook never stopped admiring Ji Hyo’s visual

song ji hyo kim jong kook
Always complimenting others

A fortune teller suggested the SpartAce couple have high compatibility

In episode 384, the members had a chance to see fortune-telling at the beginning of the year, Song Ji Hyo asked about her relationship, and Jong Kook was told by the fortune-teller: “Two of you are like a couple, a tree grows in summer needs water, and Kim Jong Kook is a great source of water and will help you. Your compatibility is 85 to 90 out of 100.” 

Sweet, loving gestures

The moment Song Ji Hyo jumped out and hugged Jong Kook recorded the highest rating in episode 436. This is when the two won the game and everyone only knew thanks to Yoo Jae Suk.

song ji hyo kim jong kook

At the backstage of the first fan meeting in Korea to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Running Man, Song Ji Hyo could not hide her anxiety and nervousness before stepping on stage to perform, Kim Jong Kook then reassured her with a sweet smile and gesture to calm her down.

song ji hyo kim jong kook

Small interactions that make viewers flutter

song ji hyo kim jong kook
 Many viewers think that the interactions between Jong Kook and Ji Hyo are above normal
song ji hyo kim jong kook
 When Song Ji Hyo was the only member who had a chance to receive 300,000 won in episode 440, Kim Jong Kook did not hesitate to step forward and call her “honey”.
song ji hyo kim jong kook


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