Lisa showed off her outstanding blue hair and sexy rap voice in BLACKPINK’s comeback teaser

The first teaser series for BLACKPINK’s Japanese comeback ended with Lisa’s video.

At 6 pm on June 30 (KST), the last member of BLACKPINK’s Japanese comeback teaser series was revealed. Lisa and her green hair from the “Ice Cream” MV released in 2020 with the familiar flashing lights of the past few days appeared on the Japanese version of “Lovesick Girls”.

There is no need to talk about the flashing effects that fans have criticized from the previous 3 teasers of Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé. However, the image of Lisa with the short green hair that once went viral makes fans even more aware that the Thai idol really looks good in any hair style.

After a successful comeback with the first full album in Korea in 2020 called The Album, BLACKPINK will release a full album with the same name in Japan. From now until the group’s official comeback in Japan (August 3), YG JP will release more teaser photos and videos. Hopefully, YG will not disappoint fans with teaser designs like these flashing lights anymore.

Rich like Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Source: K14

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