LOONA Chuu discusses her “smiling depression”, once ate until she puked become of stress

LOONA member Chuu discloses her mental struggles in a new talk show. 

Recently, LOONA Chuu appeared on the TV show “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic”, where she discloses mental struggles that she recently faced. When Dr. Oh asked her about the reason she chose to appear on the show, Chuu smiled and said, “I had to go to the ER at the Gangnam Severance Hospital every month due to intense stomach pain. Actually, I always eat spicy food whenever I’m stressed. I think I ate food that was level 5 spicy and continuously sought them. I felt as if eating a lot, or eating spicy food will help reduce my stress.”

loona chuu

She also added that she once ate until she vomited, saying, “Most recently, I ate an entire pot of spicy chicken that was about 2-3 adult servings. I even added tteokbokki, vermicelli, a bowl of rice, and just gobbled them all down. I ate until I couldn’t breathe. I’d just keep eating. That’s how I eat. When I get stressed, I’d eat then vomit.”

loona chuu

Chuu also disclosed her deteriorating health status for a long time, adding, “One time i had to be hospitalized when my whole body was limp and stiff. I had to go to the hospital constantly from last July until April or May this year. There were days I ate so much I felt nauseous and puked it all out. I was also worried that I’d gain weight, so I’d drink weight loss medicines. However, the medicines had negative effects on my mental health, so I stopped using them.


Hearing Chuu’s sharings, Doctor Oh Eun Young diagnosed Chuu with “smiling depression” – a mental affliction where one lives with depression on the inside while appearing happy or content on the outside. 

On the other hand, on October 6th, Chuu tried to comfort her fans and clarified about her health via her Instagram story, saying, “All those things about Chuu having an eating disorder, anorexia,… are not true at all.”

Chuu Loona

She also added, “Of course, I didn’t know how to relieve stress right away in the past when I was banned from going out and had busy schedules, so I ate spicy food and didn’t take good care of my body.”

“Now, more than anyone else, I’m enjoying working happily through sports, hobbies, and conversations with people I care about. I’m moving forward, so I would appreciate it if you could cheer me on instead of having big misunderstandings and worries”, the female idol concluded.

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