Lee Jun Ho expresses affection for 2PM, “I want to be reborn as myself to meet the members”

Singer Lee Jun Ho showed his extraordinary love for 2PM members

The September 7th broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program “Hong Kim Dong Jeon” featured the guest appearance of 2PM as a whole group.

When asked, “What would you want to be if you were to reborn?”, Lee Jun Ho said, “Me”. He added, “I want to be reborn as myself and meet the members”. Upon hearing that “Hong Kim Dong Jeon” cast made “me” a banned word for Lee Jun Ho, drawing laughter. 

Lee Jun Ho

Expressing his feelings about appearing on the show with 2PM members, Lee Jun Ho said, “I enjoy it so much because I’m doing a variety show with the members. I think my tension went up a lot today. I’ve had so much fun because everyone took very good care of me”.

“Hong Kim Dong Jeon” airs every Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

Source: Daum

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