Top female Kpop idols who have small faces with long necks

Long necks make the features on their faces look much more attractive.

It seems that the a small face may leave people an impression that the body will look thinner.

Among the members of the girl groups, there are idols with long necks like giraffes. Dispatch has collected pictures of them.

A prominent long neck (Jeong-hwa from EXID)
Her small face even becomes smaller
The K-pop giraffe (AOA’s Seol-hyun)
Her beauty is so eye-catching
A so small face (SNSD’s Yoona)
Her brilliant body figure
No.1 visual (TWICE’s Tzuyu)
She looks like a beautiful flower.
Her beautiful neck (Dasom)
Her long neck catches everyone’s eyes
She looks awesome in her bob hair (Oh My Girl’s Binnie)
I m defenitely beauty with a long neck
This shirt really matches her (Red Velvet’s Seulgi)
The giraffe of Red Velvet

Source: Dispatch

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