BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BABYMONSTER’s Pharita Spotted at a Restaurant Together with Their Mothers 

The special bond between BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BABYMONSTER’s Pharita gains attention 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BABYMONSTER’s Thai member Pharita were recently spotted having a meal together with both their mothers. 

Pharita, born on August 26, 2005, like Lisa, comes from Thailand and joined YG Entertainment at the end of 2020. Pharita has captured the attention of K-pop fans with her youthful visuals and charming talents, raising expectations for her debut. 

lisa pharita

Pharita is also known among fans for her close relationship with Lisa. Pharita considers Lisa her role model, while in an interview, Lisa once expressed her fondness for Pharita.

Lisa expressed, “There’s a trainee from Thailand at YG. She reminds me of myself when I was a trainee, so I want to take care of her. She’s 17 years old and has been in Korea for two years. She says she wants to become as good as me, and I encourage her to work hard.”

lisa pharita

During BLACKPINK’s concert, Pharita sent flowers, balloons, gifts, and handwritten letters to support Lisa. Pharita and other BABYMONSTER members also attended the  Born Pink final concert in Seoul. After the concert, Pharita’s mother took a photo with Lisa and Lisa’s mother.

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