Lee Jongsuk is being detained in Indonesia due to promoter problems

Actor Lee Jongsuk has reportedly been detained in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On November 5th, Lee Jongsuk told his fans on SNS, “I finished my fan meeting with thankful gratitude. But all of my staff are currently stuck in Jakarta. I think they have been held since yesterday. A local Jakarta promoter, Yes24, has reported a reduced amount of their performance revenue to the authorities’ tax office, and because of that, they have taken our passports and not returned it to me and my staff, who have nothing to do with it. I hope Yes24 and their agency, The Cre8tive Lab Yumetomo, can solve it as soon as possible. It’s the first time I encounter something like this, so I don’t know what to do with this case. (Mom, I’ll be home late..??)

Lee Jongsuk recently held a fan meeting as a part of his Asian fan meeting tour “Crank Up” in Jakarta, Indonesia. Fortunately, the fan meeting ended safely, but there was a problem on his way back to Korea.

We were planning to leave Jakarta on the 4th,” said Aman Project, a related agency, “However, problems arose with YES24’s local corporations and Indonesian authorities. The reduction of ticket sales was a problem and the people related to this seemed to have had their passports confiscated. We are trying to solve the problem today. Currently, Lee Jongsuk is staying in Jakarta and is coordinating with other schedule problems such as drama filming.”

Source: SportsJoseon

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