3/4 BLACKPINK members have achieved this record on Instagram, the last member is also close to achieving it

Rosé is the last member of BLACKPINK who hasn’t had a post on Instagram that past 9 million reacts.

BLACKPINK’s Instagram achievements were recorded in June 2018

Although they are not the first K-Pop idols to join Instagram, even setting up accounts later than many other colleagues, BLACKPINK has made a breakthrough very quickly. All four girls opened personal accounts in June 2018 and after more than three years, BLACKPINK walked hand in hand to become the “Instagram Queens” of K-Pop.

All four first positions in the K-Pop idol rankings with the most followers on Instagram are BLACKPINK’s members. Currently, the number of followers on Instagram of BLACKPINK members are: Lisa has 60.8 million; Jennie has 52.5 million; Rosé has 47.1 million and Jisoo has 46.9 million. With such a respectable number of followers, every photo that they post gets huge interactions.

Up to now, Lisa has held many records on Instagram, is the first female K-Pop idol whose photo has received more than 9 million likes, is the only idol to own two posts reaching this milestone.

Jisoo also has a picture that has attracted 9.4 million likes after a short time of posting. The special thing is that this photo is also related to Lisa, which is a photo taken when Lisa went to the MV LALISA studio to support the youngest sister.

Jennie is also not inferior to her sisters. Although among K-Pop idols, Jennie is not the first girl whose photo has reached 9 million likes, she is the only one who owns a post with more than 9.5 million likes. Not to mention Jennie achieved this record after less than a day of posting.

As for Rosé, her photo with the most interaction just surpassed 8 million likes, is a photo taken when the main vocalist BLACKPINK is lounging at a luxury resort. Netizens believe that with Rosé’s increasingly high reputation, she will soon join her sisters with photos with over 9 million likes will not be far away.

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