Is this right? Baek Ji-young’s unexpected reaction to the apology of Jung Seok-won, who admitted to his drug charges

Singer Baek Ji-young shows her affection for her husband, actor Jung Seok-won.

On September 1st, Baek Ji-young posted a video titled “Live after putting Ha-im to sleep (with Husband)” on her YouTube channel.

The released video showed Baek Ji-young putting her daughter Heim to sleep before hosting a YouTube live broadcast.

Baek Ji-young welcomed her husband Jung Seok-won when he returned home while she was communicating with fans, saying, “I am doing a YouTube live right now.”

Baek Ji-young said, “My husband came home from work today. It’s been a while since he wore a suit,” she said. “Honey, say hello. There are only our fans here,” she urged, introducing Jung Seok-won to the viewers.

Soon after, Jung Seok-won, who appeared in front of the camera shyly, kept bowing his head and apologizing, “I’m sorry,” Baek Ji-young hit him on the back, saying, “What are you sorry about?” and laughed.

However, as Jung Seok-won continued to apologize, Baek Ji-young smiled, saying, “I don’t know what you are sorry about, but listen to me.”

Meanwhile, Baek Ji-young and Jung Seok-won married in 2013 and got their first daughter in 2017. After that, Jeong Seok-won has been arrested urgently at Incheon International Airport in 2018 on drug-related charges. According to the investigation, Jung Seok-won reportedly administered methamphetamine with his friends at a club in Australia in the same year.

At that time, as his reagent test results also tested positive, Jung admitted to the charges and was sentenced to 10 months in prison and two years of probation.

Source: wikitree

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