39-year-old Sandara Park shocked everyone with her announcement of not getting married, “Blind dates are welcomed”

Sandara Park recently declared that she would stay single in “King of Mask Singer”.

Sandara Park will reveal her wedding plan on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer”, which will air on July 31st.

In the recent recording, a masked singer said, “I have done about 1,000 consultations on love issues”, expressing their confidence in dating counseling. The judging panel showed enthusiastic responses. In particular, Sandara Park surprised everyone when she said, “I will not get married, but I think I need dating counseling.”

sandara park

Declaring that she would stay single, Sandara Park said, “If you introduce me on a blind date, I will do my best”, making everyone at the studio laugh hard because of her unexpected enthusiasm about blind dates. Attention is focused on the identity of the masked singer, who has done 1,000 love counselings, and whether Sandara Park, who made a ‘declaration of non-marriage’, will be able to get a blind date.

The competition, which will be held to find the 182nd singing king, can be found on the broadcast of “King of Mask Singer” at 5 p.m on July 31st. 

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