Song Hye Kyo shows gratitude for her fans who sent a coffee truck to the set of “The Glory” 

Song Hye Kyo expressed her joy as fans showed support for her new drama. 

On July 29th, Song Hye Kyo shared new photos on her Instagram story. The photos show a food and coffee truck prepared by Song Hye Kyo’s fans from 16 countries including Japan and Korea. 

song hye kyo

To cheer Song Hye Kyo on during her filming, fans sent this to the set of her next drama “The Glory”. The banner on the truck reads, “The Glory team please eat a lot and gain strength. Song Hye Kyo fans worldwide are rooting for you.” 

song hye kyo

Song Hye Kyo expressed her gratitude by posting photos of the truck with the caption, “THANK YOU SO MUCH”. She added a heart emoji, showing her love for the fans’ heartwarming support. 

the glory

Song Hye Kyo is in the midst of filming for Netflix’s upcoming original series “The Glory”. “The Glory” tells the story of a woman whose soul was crushed by the brutal school violence she suffered from during her childhood. When she becomes an adult, the desperate revenge she carefully prepares for her whole life, and those who will fall into the whirlpool, will unfold.

Source: wikitree

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