Ahn So Hee reveals her tips on eating slowly, “Try thinking about not swallowing”

Ahn So Hee introduced a Tonkatsu restaurant and talked about how she chews food slowly.

Actress Ahn So Hee, a former Wonder Girls member, uploaded a new video titled “A soul food for Koreans, fancy super-sized Tonkatsu” on her Youtube channel.

Ahn So-hee

In the video, Ahn So Hee visited a restaurant to eat super-sized Tonkatsu (pork cutlet). As the side dish came out so fast, she exclaimed, “It’s so fast, as always!”.

Ahn So Hee continued, “I saw the comments under my videos and there were people who asked why I wore white clothes every time I went somewhere to eat”, adding “By chance, I wore white today too! It’s not on purpose! It’s just a coincidence”.

Ahn So-hee

Recalling the past, she said, “One of the reasons this place was stuck in my memory was not only because I have memories of coming here with my father. But it was a shock”, adding “The chili-peppers and Kkakdugi served on the side was a shock. I remember saying to my father, ‘Dad! Why does a Tonkatsu restaurant serve peppers?’”

Ahn So-hee

After a while, the super-sized Tonkatsu she ordered came out. Ahn So Hee said, “I’m going to make a start on the Tonkatsu now”, then cut the Tonkatsu into smaller pieces to eat. She added, “Yeah! I was shocked at the thickness of the Tonkatsu when I was young”.

Ahn So-hee

Having a bite of the Tonkatsu, Ahn So Hee commented, “So delicious. Some places I had been to don’t taste like they used to, or some serve smaller portions. This one is still huge.”

She continued, “I’m filming these ‘Sohee’s ‘Sole’ Food’ videos, to share a meal with you all. I saw in the comments that people often ate a meal as they watched”, adding, “Some asked how I ate so slowly and asked me to share my know-how”.

Ahn So-hee

Revealing her tips, Ahn So Hee said, “For those not used to it, regardless of trying to chew a long time, you’ll just swallow without you knowing it”, adding “So rather than thinking about chewing a lot, try thinking about not swallowing.”

Source: Nate

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