Current whereabouts of the man who left JYP after having a big fight with Park Jin Young over socks

He became one of the most powerful figures of the Korean entertainment industry. 

Bang Si Hyuk, who is called the father of BTS, was a hit song maker for a long time.

Born in 1972, Bang Si Hyuk majored in Aesthetics at Seoul National University and received a bronze medal at the Yoo Jae Ha Music Contest in 1994. He then stepped into the music industry, which is unrelated to his major.

Park Jin Young Bang si hyuk

Bang Ji Hyuk became close friends with Park Jin Young in 1997 while working as a producer for JYP Entertainment and working on songs together in the US. The hit songs he made at JYP were “Bad Guy,” “Sky Blue Balloon,” and “I’m in Love”, etc.

Park Jin Young Bang si hyuk

Park Jin Young was the CEO and Bang Si Hyuk was an employee, but they were close. In 2003, when they lived together in the US, a big incident happened that tore them apart. 

K-pop is now receiving worldwide recognition and love, but it wasn’t easy at the time. Bang Si Hyuk and Park Jin Young came to promote K-pop with their own money, but the money ran out and they were feeling frustrated because they couldn’t sell a single song until a year later.

Bang si hyuk

Both of them were seriously sensitive because of this. Bang Si Hyuk was in charge of laundry at their dorm, and he got mad at Park Jin Young for this behavior. What could have happened?

It was because of Park Jin Young’s habit of turning socks inside out. Bang Si Hyuk warned him about this several times, but Park Jin Young didn’t change and repeated this mistake on a day when Bang Si Hyuk was burnt out, so he exploded with anger. 

Park Jin Young

That day, the two fought for over three hours. After that, Bang Si Hyuk left the house. He went back to Korea saying he couldn’t do it anymore. Park Jin Young clenched his teeth and sold all the remaining songs.

Park Jin Young

Back in Korea, Bang Si Hyuk must have thought a lot. After that, he left JYP and founded Big Hit Entertainment. That’s how he created BTS. 

Bang Si-hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk and Park Jin Young have resolved their conflicts and maintained their friendship for over 20 years. Bang Si Hyuk even attended Park Jin Young’s concert. It is unlikely that they see each other as enemies, even though their companies are each other’s biggest competitors. 

Source: Daum

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