Mean and selfish K-drama female characters that make our blood boil 

This K-drama “mean girl squad” drives the viewers mad with their behaviors. 

Aside from sweet, kind-hearted, and selfless female characters that we all love, Korean dramas over the years have also introduced many awfully mean and self-absorbed girls. Played by talented young actresses, these female characters make our blood boil every time they appear on the screen. 

Ha Eun Byul – Penthouse

Starting out as a somewhat normal and less evil one among the wealthy and privileged kids of Hera Palace, Ha Eun Byul only gets worse and more insane throughout the 3 seasons of The Penthouse: War In Life. She is blinded by jealousy and willing to harm her friend. Rookie actress Choi Ye Bin did a good job portraying this role, especially with her over-the-top eyes expressions, making Eun Byul one of the most hated Penthouse characters. 

Joo Seok Gyeong – Penthouse

Joo Seok Gyeong (Han Ji Hyun) is the queen bee of Penthouse’s rich kid squad and without doubt one of the meanest ones. Seok Gyeong is rude, arrogant, and a total bully who does not hesitate to do whatever she can to ruin somebody she dislikes. Although she is eventually given redemption, many viewers still find everything she did unforgivably. 

Kang Ye Seo – Sky Castle

Kang Ye Seo (Kim Hye Yoon) of Sky Castle is a model high school student, but her problem is that she is excessively ambitious and selfish. Because of her dream of entering Seoul National University, Kang Ye Seo doesn’t care about the people around her. She even turns a blind eye when an innocent girl is accused of murder because they are rivals at school. 

Park Sae Mi – True Beauty

Schoolgirl Park Sae Mi (Hye Won Jeon) in True Beauty once made the audience angry every time she was on screen. Sae Mi has a beautiful appearance but a lousy personality. She often bullied and body shamed the female lead Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young). Although Sae Mi’s screen time is not much, this character still has a significant impact on the storyline of True Beauty.

Kang So Young – School 2015

A female villain who left a lot of impressions on the audience must be Kang So Young (Cho Soo Hyang) of School 2015. So Young is the daughter of a rich family, but she takes advantage of her great family background to cover up her wrongdoings. She bullied the female lead Lee Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun), causing Eun Bi to commit suicide but remained indifferent as if nothing happened. When meeting Eun Bi again, Soo Young continued to threaten and harass Eun Bi’s new life. Actress Soo Hyang has perfectly portrayed the character of So Young.

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