New K-drama of Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae opened with miserable ratings

Will “Shooting Stars” fail just like other recent K-dramas about the entertainment industry?

Shooting Stars”, the new project that features famous actress Lee Sung Kyung and The Penthouse’s Kim Young Dae, released its first episode on April 22. To participate in this project, Kim Young Dae even left “School 2021”, but so far this doesn’t seem like a worthy trade-off. 

In particular, things aren’t looking bright for the series, as its first episode only recorded a meager viewership of 1.6%. To make it worse, the series isn’t receiving good reviews as well, with Kim Young Dae’s acting seeing mixed reactions. According to netizens, the actor has improved since his previous work “The Penthouse”, but is still lackluster compared to his co-star Lee Sung Kyung.

Another issue that netizens have with “Shooting Stars” is the series’ theme. K-dramas about the life of idols and the behinds of showbiz often attract few audiences, and recent similar works like “Idol: The Coup” and “Imitation” all saw ratings as low as 1%. In fact, this type of theme has been losing favor from the public since a decade ago, making people question tvN’s decision to produce such a drama. 

Kim young Dae ShootingStarsEp1

Some comments from the netizens: 

As expected, Kim Young Dae is just as stiff as before.

Kim Young Dae completely falls behind Lee Sung Kyung. Every time he appears I want to skip

To make an idol drama during this day and age… Did tvN not notice all the other fails? 

Lee Sung Kyung got worse compared to “Dr. Romantic”. At her level, why pick this type of low-level script?

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